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Gap Band - Outstanding [1982]

You light my fire
I feel alive with you, baby
You blow my mind
I’m satisfied.

Anonymous asked: You have multiple people that find it fun to be anonymous. Nothing weird about that. Was "mystique" not a good word?

It may not be weird, but it’s annoying.

Unless you go off anon, I’m going to just delete your messages from now on.

I’m perfecting the art of bullshit in this exhausting art history paper.

Je me suis demandé si l’ouverture de votre coeur et si c’est le cas, je veux savoir quelle heure il ferme.

weaving-colors asked: Hey, boo. This isn't a question. I only wanted to let your little Anon stalker know that harassment is illegal and that their comments can be traced back to an IP address even though they "asked anonymously". Just thought they might want to consider that thought before bothering you again, that's all.

THIS. You weird anons should listen to my dear dear friend. That is all. Also I deleted all anon messages ‘cause you made my blog look awful.

"And so I’m not terrified of changing - in fact I’m terrified of exactly the opposite. If you’re not moving, then you’re heading to rot."

- Robert Rauschenberg, from an interview with Barbara Rose

(Source: robertrauschenberg)


Living room design from House & Garden’s Complete Guide to Interiors Design, 1970.

"Johnny, I can’t believe Robert Smith just drunk sexted me again, he knows I don’t eat meat." -Morrissey

"Bonne Impression" by Marcin Tyszka | Elle France, April 2014.

Pablo Picasso, Two nudes and a cat, 1903